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Remembrance: Becoming the Alchemist ~ 8 Week Group Course

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The moment we arrive on Earth we begin the process of becoming. An ever unfolding and unraveling of ourselves to reveal the deepest expression of who and what we truly are. We are living in the most important time in human history, our next steps will reflect the way we collectively move forward, and you play a great role in the co-creation of our new world.

All of the pain, suffering, and adversity we face from past trauma, emotional wounds, and creative blocks is actually the fuel to your fire. Allow this journey of Remembrance help guide you into a new way of being that will teach you the powers of alchemy and transformation. You are the alchemist, and the overcoming of the most difficult challenges in your life is the greatest story that can be told.

This multi-layered 8 week group course will nourish your heart, mind, body, and spirit and is intended to help you reveal the infinite potential of your greatness! We will gather once a week for 8 weeks every Monday at 12pm PT via Zoom. This experience is facilitated by J Brave and the lovely Lotus Grace. These beloved partners in service will share their personal stories of spiritual growth, while guiding the participants through a variety of beautiful themes and daily talks. We will set intentions, share music, and offer meditation & writing exercises to help remove blocks and bring clarity to your soul’s purpose and full expression. We will also have weekly assignments to help you stay inspired and attuned throughout the process.

Join us for this unique opportunity to be a part of something truly special. The life you’ve always dreamed of is awaiting you on the other side of the obstacles you run from. Learn to turn lead into gold and unleash your inner magic, for you have the power to forge a transcendent new reality! You are deeply loved, appreciated, and we are here to support you.

We will explore the following themes during our 8 week sessions:

Week 1: What is an alchemist?

Week 2: Following the Call

Week 3: Personal Legend

Week 4: The Hero’s Journey

Week 5: Treasures & Gifts

Week 6: Teachers & Guides - The Unseen World

Week 7: Commune with Source

Week 8: Alchemy - Turning Lead Into Gold

What you will get out of this course:

  • A deeper understanding of your soul’s calling and life purpose

  • Build community with like minded people on the journey of transformation

  • Discover your unique gifts and how you can share them with the world

  • Learn practices to live an intentional and harmonious life on Earth

  • Transform your challenges and channel them into your creative expression

  • Begin to hear the song of your soul

  • Reveal the tools to work through triggers, emotional blocks, and past trauma

  • Align to the pathways of infinite abundance and unconditional love

  • Unlock your power and find the treasure within

  • Begin to trust in the wisdom that created you

Course Dates: Every Monday starting August 31st - October 19th

Start time: 12pm PT via Zoom. Group sessions will run 90 minutes each week with a Q&A to follow.

Additional Value: Everyone who signs up will also receive free access to “The Rumi Code” special event happening on Sept. 30th!

Registration Cost: Sliding scale $333 - $444 USD. For those in financial hardship, or couples, we are offering the option to share the same screen and split the cost. (2 people max)

*** You will be getting access to 9 sessions for only $37 - $49 per session depending on your payment choice.

*** Installment plans can be possible, please message us for details.

*** We are accepting payments through Venmo or PayPal to the links below. Please also email us to confirm your registration:



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