• J Brave

Keys Of Kreation Community

Join us for this immersive weekly group call intended to activate your highest creative expression! You will be guided through a series of modalities including songwriting, storytelling, poetry, spoken word, rap, singing, and performance techniques! If you have always wanted to explore the depths of your musical range, or feel you could use some new found inspiration in your craft, this community is for you! Lead by internationally touring artist, speaker, and life coach J Brave, you will be given the ins and outs of the creation process along with valuable tools to navigate past your emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. Learn to embrace your story, transform your trauma in to triumph, and turn your mess into your message. Join us on this journey of transformation and complete with new songs written, priceless advice, valuable connections with like minded souls, and the confidence to embody your greatness! This is a safe container to share your offerings, and practice the principles of acceptance, encouragement, and unconditional love. We will meet every Friday via Zoom at 4:44pm PT / 7:44 ET What you will get out of this call:

  • Find a new found ability to tap into your musical expression

  • Turn your personal story into your message of inspiration

  • Complete with new songs and material written

  • Practical tools for songwriting and crafting your lyrics

  • Priceless advice on the music industry, becoming your brand, and navigating through challenges

  • Harness the strength to navigate though creative blocks, emotional trauma, and old patterns

  • Performance tips on how to show up and be confident on stage

  • Learn the art of rap and how to flow with your words

  • Find your authentic voice

  • Cultivate your skills in crafting poetry and spoken word performance

  • Learn how to turn your art into your service for the world


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