• J Brave

June 11th - Discover Your Sacred Offering Online Workshop

Updated: 2 days ago

In celebration of the new moon as we enter the Gemini cycle, I’d love to invite whomever feels called to join me for the Discover Your Sacred Offering Online Workshop on June 11th at 7pm via Zoom!

Each and everyone of us has a beautiful gift to share, and it’s through our expression that we get to inspire the world in service!

Something beautiful is waiting to emerge through you, and I’m happy to create a safe space for you to have a breakthrough! Never have your abilities been more required to uplift humanity than now!

As a full time touring artist, I have 10 years of social services experience, been trained in Vipassana meditation, Landmark Education, Agape Spiritual Center courses, and a variety of conscious language and new thought teachings. I have made a living with my art in a sacred way, and would love to share with you everything I know.

We will explore embracing our story, moving past blocks, tapping into our emotions, creating a vision, and stepping into action!

Let’s dedicate this evening to the spark in your heart that’s ready to make way for a movement!

To register send $44 to Venmo: @JBrave and DM me with your email addy. Grateful to have you on board, see you soon! #DYSO

WHEN: Thursday June 11th from 7pm PT - 10pm. We will be gathering Via the free Zoom app.



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