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If you’re ready to take your gifts to the next level, and have a breakthrough in your creative expression, let's go on a journey together to reveal how powerful you truly are.

We will explore what’s been getting in the way thus far, and practice some tools to help navigate through any challenges, or blocks impeding your progress.


In addition, we will co-create an action plan to release your music, develop content, and learn to monetize your offerings in service to your message. 

We will meet weekly via Zoom to come up  with an action plan to bring your creative vision, gifts, and abilities into form. 

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet in person, record in LA, and have a day of content creation to capture photos and videos towards your brand.

Transform trauma into triumph, turn your mess into a message, and shift suffering into a song to heal yourself and inspire the world.



  • 10 one on one private virtual sessions via Zoom 

  • A weekend to connect in person 

  • Record in my private music studio 

  • 1 day of filming content at sacred sites in nature 

  • Complete with multiple songs written and original recordings  

  • Embrace your personal story and legend as a message to inspire the world 

  • Transform the most challenging and impactful moments of your life into songs for personal and collective healing 

  • Learn my signature songwriting method 

  • Format one of your gifts into a monetized offering for your clients   

  • Consultation for workshops and events 

  • Access to me via voice memo at any time for any additional support 

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