If you are ready to take your creativity to the next level of full expression and professionalism, let's go on a journey together to explore what's possible, and begin to reveal how powerful you truly are! 

​First, let's jump on a call to entail a roadmap of your personal goals and get clear with what it is you'd like to create. 

​Once we have a intention set, allow me to be your guide as we set out to complete this mission of co-creation and embodiment. 

​We will meet weekly via Zoom to continuously grow and accomplish the tasks at hand, and you have to option to connect with me in person as well. 

​We will record in my private studio, and work with my team of producers, engineers, and content creators to bring your vision to life! 

​You will also be gifted membership to my weekly group call to reinforce your connection to the Keys Of Kreation community, and you will have free access to all of my public offerings as well which can include workshops, performances, and retreats.  

​Does this sound exciting? 

​If so let's talk immediately to discuss the path forward!




  • Receive private mentorship to help guide you on your journey of creative expression


  • Songwriting, recording, and performance techniques


  • Management and direct support in marketing, promotion, event production, booking, and touring


  • Ecstatic Dance DJ Training 


  • Navigate through blocks, trauma, and life’s challenges


  • Get tutelage to strengthen on your material and sharpen your personal craft


  • Lyricism tips only applicable to your uniqueness as an artist


  • Encouragement that can only be given in the one on one experience 


  • Help with creating a path forward though all obstacles 


  • Learning to develop the depths of your authenticity and vulnerability


  • Re-shape your relationship with challenges and adversity


  • Becoming your brand and embracing your signature story





* Payment plans are available, contact me for pricing and details

* Email me to set up a free intro call: JBraveMusic@gmail.com


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