The Universe has guided you to this moment so you may reveal your greatness. Often times we are attracted to certain individuals because we carry codes for one another, and I am so honored you chose me to be a guide on your journey. My name is J Brave and I offer life coaching services to those who are navigating through emotional and creative blocks with the desire of becoming fully expressed and living into their highest potential.

At some quintessential moment in everyone’s life, we all ponder one of humanity’s great mysteries and ask ourselves, why am I here? Within us embedded in the very fabric of our being lies hidden the answer we seek."Discover Your Sacred Offering" is a curriculum that I've created to assist people and artists of all modalities who would like support in having a breakthrough in their field of expression. Whether you are into music, dancing, painting, acting, visual arts, movement, or your are an aspiring life coach, this curriculum can be applicable for you. We all have a story to share, and I would love to help you re-frame the narrative around your experiences so you can use your own story as a tool for service.

Through mindful practices of self realization, guided mediations, and affirmative sharing, you will start to release any resistance or trauma, and begin to come into alignment with who and what you truly are. You will remember the greater reason of what has brought you to earth at this magnificent time, while gaining awareness of your unique individual creative expression. Inside each and every one of us is something beautiful waiting to emerge, and your sacred offering is the key to the healing of your life, and learning how to make a contribution to the world.

We will find the barriers impeding your path, begin to integrate and apply tools to navigate through adversity, as well as discuss practical ideas to enhance your vision and move you forward to success. This one on one experience is facilitated via video conference calls in 90 minute sessions once per week. There will also be weekly assignments to help you deepen your intention, and accomplish the goals you set out to complete. I'm looking forward to assisting you in becoming the greatest version of yourself!



* Find resolution and begin to embrace your personal story

* Discover the innate gifts you are meant to offer the world

* Remember who are what you truly are on a soul level

* Acknowledge any blocks hindering you from being fully expressed


* Re-shape your relationship with challenges and adversity


* Learn to step out of victim-hood and reclaim your power

* Develop the skills to work through triggers, blocks, and trauma


* Embody true acceptance for yourself and your mission


* Cultivate the healing power of forgiveness and learn to make amends in your life

* Refine practical skills to express yourself and be of service

* Harness the healing power of unconditional love





* Payment plans are available, contact me for pricing and details

* Email me to set up a free intro call: JBraveMusic@gmail.com


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