As I deepen the understanding of myself and begin to reveal more and more of my life's calling, it's clear that now more than ever it's time to share something new with the world. I am so inspired to begin to offer consultation services to artists who are navigating through emotional and creative blocks for the sake of becoming fully expressed and living into their highest potential.

"Discover Your Sacred Offering" is a 8 week one on one online course that I've created to assist artists of all modalities who desire support in having a breakthrough in their field of expression. Weather you are into music, dancing, painting, visual arts, movement, or really any creative modality, this curriculum can be applicable for you.

At some quintessential moment in everyone’s life, we all ponder one of humanity’s great mysteries and ask ourselves, why am I here? Within us of course, embedded in the very fabric of our being lies hidden the answer we seek. Through mindful practices of realization, intention setting, and affirmative sharing, you will start to release any resistance, and begin to come into alignment with who and what you truly are. You will remember the greater reason of what has brought you to earth at this magnificent time, while gaining awareness of your unique individual creative expression. Inside each and every one of us is something beautiful waiting to emerge, and your sacred offering is the key to the healing of your life, and to the co-creation of a brighter world.

We will work with the inner blocks of what is hindering you on your path, begin to integrate and apply tools to navigate through adversity, as well as discuss practical ideas to enhance your vision and move your business forward. This one on one 8 week course is facilitated online via video conference, comes with assignments for each week's lesson, and you will be offered email feedback throughout the month and beyond to assist you on all levels.

*** Weeks 1 & 2: DISCOVERY - Get Immediate clarity on what you are here to offer the world

*** Weeks 3 & 4: CHALLENGES - Idenify exactly what is hindering you from livnig your full potential

*** Weeks 5 & 6: ACCEPTANCE - Learn the power of accepeting who and what you truly are

*** Weeks 7 & 8: INTEGRATION - Co-creating an action plan to instill your intention, and be in service with your gifts

This will be booked ongoing in a one-on-one format so this course begins relative to the clients own personal schedule. NOW scheduling clients from July 10th 2017 onwards.

The cost for this course $888 paid in advance.



**** INFO:

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