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My intention is to inspire the remembrance of our divine nature, and I help people transform trauma into triumph, turn their mess into their message, and shift suffering into a song to heal themselves and inspire the world. 

Since my father died when I was 11, and having gone through immense challenges in life, I've always used songwriting and poetry as a means of therapy and to help remedy the wounds that ached my heart. I see this as a great strength, and I strive to help people use music as a way to not only to enhance their career as an artist, but also as a tool for ceremony, alchemy, and personal healing. 

Regardless if you have never written song or recorded, or if you are an established in your craft, this process is applicable for anyone. Working with me is a unique creative collaboration, and what comes out of it is a one of a kind to our shared experience.

As your guide on this journey, we will execute a signature formula that's perfect for you to embody your highest expression and share your story through your music. You will have an internal revelation, create new lyrical compositions, and complete with the highest quality songs recorded.


Our time together can range from a weekend of working in person to produce and bring your vision to life, or we can go deeper on a 3 month journey to support your personal growth as an artist. In this one on one container we will workshop your ideas, refine your lyrics, and arrange your songs to be ready to track, then meet in person to make magic in the studio.



  • One on one support to offer valuable reflections and refine your lyrics 

  • Have your songs fully produced, mixed, and mastered

  • Virtual sessions via Zoom to workshop your ideas into songs ​

  • Record in my private music studio 

  • Nature excursions to connect to the heart and capture content

  • Complete with multiple songs written and original recordings  

  • Embrace your personal story and legend as a message to inspire the world 

  • Transform the most challenging and impactful moments of your life into songs for personal and collective healing 

  • Learn my signature songwriting method 

  • Format one of your gifts into a monetized offering for your clients   

  • Consultation for workshops and events 

  • Access to me via voice memo at any time for any additional support 

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