J Brave is here to touch, move, and inspire others to remember their divine nature. This former counselor for Homeless and At-Risk youth uses his music as a vehicle for service. He is the founder of the internationally renown Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, visionary of Benevolence Festival, and has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, and unity throughout his travels. His debut solo album "Amethyst" has peeked the ears of global listeners, and the single "Sacred" has gone viral approaching a million video views on Facebook.


This multi-talented artist fuses conscious rap and singing lyrics with contemporary beats to inspire and empower audiences! His live shows can also expand to feature instrumentalists, singers, and dancers to accompany him on stage during his riveting heart-felt performances. He is currently a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance LA, and as a selector seamlessly blends genres while captivating dancers with his diverse soundscape of movement medicine.


He strives to use his songs as a means to express his personal transformation while sharing his stories of resiliency through adversity. He is an avid speaker, and leads workshops & coaching sessions under the theme "Discover Your Sacred Offering" and is in production with his new album “Gifts” set to drop in 2020. J Brave is passionate about uplifting the masses, speaking against injustices, and rekindling our connection to Mother Earth so we may live in a more loving world.



The time has come to recognize who and what we truly are. J Brave aka Javis Huggins is the embodiment of a dream fulfilled. Born in Inglewood California, he endured the hardships of inner city life and meager beginnings. He grew up in a B-Boy home that often hosted local dance battles amid the influence of Hip Hop in the mid 80s. The second youngest of ten children, his brother's shenanigans and drug dealings paved way for his home to be raided twice by the police before the age of nine. His father passed away when he was 11, and he found solace playing basketball while living in the South Bay. A few years later after buying his first CD, Tupac's "Me Against The World" he began writing lyrics. Deeply inspired by the song "Dear Mama" he realized that Rap can be a tool to inspire and create change. 


Years passed and J Brave's music stayed dormant until he took a spiritual pilgrimage to the Egyptian Pyramids in 2001. Nothing short of a mystical experience, J Brave returned home and began to share his poetry at open mics. Eventually, he attracted the opportunity to produce his own night at the famed underground Rasta themed venue the Fiyah House in Hollywood. J Brave soon moved to Venice Beach, then started working full time as a counselor with homeless and at-risk youth. A role that would last nearly 10 years, he worked closely with young people who were living in the streets, shelters, abandoned buildings while assisting those struggling with addiction, gang ties, prostitution, and those in and out of incarcerated facilities. This work taught him the true power and value of service, and turned into activism as he became a steward and supporter of the South Central Farm. After a long political standoff that turned into encampment on the land, he was arrested on the day the Farm was sieged by Police in 2006 for nonviolent activism & protesting. The same year turned out to be the most emotionally difficult and shadow filled part of his life. He faced pent up grief from his father's death and childhood trauma, lost 3 close friends that passed away, and he found himself very depressed and withdrawn. Fortunately he transmuted the sadness by embracing Vipassana meditation, enrolling into Landmark education, and becoming an avid member of the Agape community in Los Angeles. He found strength in learning about yoga, veganism, and holistic health practices. 


J Brave founded the internationally renown Hip Hip collective the Luminaries. He has toured the world spreading messages of peace, love, and unity throughout his travels. Most notably, his  band is finishing their documentary film "When The People Lead" about their delegation to Palestine & Israel. He's produced events in the Los Angeles community for over a decade including the 5 year running Luminous Movement weekly, Ecstatic Dance LA, and is currently in the visioning process for a flagship festival called Benevolence. His debut solo album "Amethyst" has peeked the ears of music lovers, and his single "Sacred" is approaching viral video status. His greatest gift is his ability to bring people together and remind everyone of their divine nature. His music continues to inspire across genres, as his intention precedes all labels. He strives to use Hip Hop as a tool for transformation while sharing his personal stories of resilience through adversity. J Brave is a shinning example of a person driven to make a difference. Motivated by his own awakening, he is passionate about uplifting the masses, speaking against injustices, and rekindling our connection to nature so we may live in a more loving world.

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