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J Brave’s intention is to inspire the remembrance of our divine nature. His greatest gift has always been to bring people together, and he utilizes his music as a means to uplift the world. 


His live shows fuse storytelling and fierce Hip Hop lyrics, and his DJ sets offer a selection of Global Bass and World Beats intended to celebrate the power of diversity. 


During his travels through Egypt he had a massive spiritual awakening, and has since been plant based for 20 years as a part of his dedication to health and well-being. 


As a former counselor for homeless and at-risk youth, he learned the importance of service during a nearly 10 year period working at four non-profit organizations.


He founded the legendary Venice Hip Hop collective the Luminaries, curates events under the brand Benevolence, co-created Actualize Music Recording Retreats, is the visionary of Keys Of Kreation coaching, and is a global ambassador for HAWKS Apparel. 


Beyond all of this accomplishments and titles he is most proud of being a father of his beautiful children Simunye and Numi. 


“I am simply a vessel allowing the Universe to express through me"


- J Brave 

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