My intention is to inspire the remembrance of our divine nature. I’m one of 10 children who survived a turbulent adolescence and found my purpose through service. When I was 21, I made a pilgrimage to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and had a profound spiritual awakening. I returned home and sought to make a difference in my city and became a counselor for homeless and at-risk youth. I worked in social services for nearly 10 years for 5 different non-profit organizations in Los Angeles. The guidance I was given by the young people durning my tenure helped me to heal some of my past trauma, and also made me realize that every relationship has a reciprocal exchange. We’re all each other’s teachers.


I founded a Hip Hop band called Luminaries and toured domestically and internationally in the festival circuit. One of the highlights of this experience was traveling to Palestine and Israel as part of a delegation for peace and unity throughout the region. We connected with many people in different communities and utilized music as a tool for healing throughout our journey. The documentary “When The People Lead” depicting this story is still in the works and will come to the light soon.


My first solo album “Amethyst” was released in 2017 and is best known for the song “Sacred”‘featuring Porangui and Kayt Pearl. I’ve released numerous singles since then, and am currently in the production phase with 2 EPs, and a full length studio album.


I am a member of the Agape Spiritual Center in LA, I practice Vipassana meditation, and am a Landmark Forum graduate. I offer one on one coaching services under the theme “Discover Your Sacred Offering” and I created an online community called “Keys Of Kreation” intended to help people open up their voices, express their gifts, and unlock their creative expression.


I’ve been curating conscious events for nearly 20 years, and am working on a vision to bring to life a transformational festival called “Benevolence.” In addition, I’ve begun the process to share my story in a book and become an author. I’m the father of two children, I’ve been plant based nearly 20 years, and I strive to live a peaceful life, rooted by family, and in reverence to the Earth.


When we come to realize that all of our challenges are truly blessings in disguise everything becomes a gift...